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Sunday, August 14, 2005

iPAQ Woes

Had to hard reboot my HP iPAQ rx3715, lost all the settings I had built up in the 3/4weeks I've had it, there is a backup feature actually on the iPAQ but I thought I wouldn't have to use it, but I guess it's my own fault.

Now why did I have to do a hard reset? Well the iPAQ crashed and wouldn't soft reboot when I was playing a Video in TCPMP, the video has played fine 100's of times before, guess it was just the law of averages. You maybe wondering why use TCPMP? well WMP10 included with Windows Mobile PocketPC Edition 2003SE is well poor, it crashes all the time when playing videos.

I've pretty much gotten the iPAQ back to the state it was before the disaster struck, all except one thing, "Age Of Empires for PocketPC: ARM" I deleted the email with the registration code I paid for, so hopefully I'll be able to request it again, as I don't want to fork out again for it.


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