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Monday, August 15, 2005

State of The World

Now I personally am not an "Eco-warrior" but I do believe we are screwing the planet over, the human race is essentially a Virus, we find a host, in this case the Earth and consume / destroy all resources with no thought for the planet.

Agreements have been made between many nations to lower pollution, but the worlds largest producer of polution per populous ratio has stated it will not agree to any such thing, this nation is the USA, the USA produces more than 1/4 of the worlds total pollution but has no where near 1/4 of the total human populous.

We see films like, "Independance Day", etc and we think that aliens or something will wipe us out, in my opinion we will have either nuked our selves into oblivion, killed the planet to a point where Human life can not be sustained, or killed out selves by some other means. Humans are a violant territorial Species, its in our Genetics, Chimpanzee's are extremely territorial, its part of our Genetic heritage.

We'll thats the end of "State Of The World" rant.


  • A big push for hydrogen filling stations + infrastructure and the availability of hydrogen/fuel-cell cars throughout the Western world-- and more research into making it affordable for 3rd world countries, helping them implement the infrastructure for this later on.

    That's what we need. But as long as the US have a large interest in maintaining oil as our primary source of energy, it won't happen.

    By Blogger Thom Holwerda, at 6:54 pm  

  • I agree, although in many 3rd world nations, they have high enough Sun light levels for Solar power to be plausable, its just the initial outlay, that costs alot.

    By Blogger Andrew Youll, at 7:26 pm  

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