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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Western Digital External HD

Yesterday I bought an external USB2.0 HDD, namely a 160GB Western Digital Essential. I bought it mainly so that i don't have to keep buying DVD-/+R Disc's to backup information and buying DVD-/+RW's for transfering files... also because I had money in my pocket and it was beginning to burn big holes in it.

It's larger than other External HDD's but I don't mind because it is a proper 3.5in HDD compared to the vast majority of External HDD's which are 2.5in Laptop HDD's running at 5400RPM or even 4800RPM, where as the Western Digital runs at 7200RPM, supports Fullspeed USB 2.0 (480Mbps) and is virtually silent.

The Drive is formatted to FAT32 for compatibility, but is easily formatted to other FS's, in the box there is a guide for formatting to HFS/HFS+ for MacOS use.

Thus far the drive has performed flawlessly, except in DesktopBSD, which refused to mount it, as far as i can sumise this is due to it being a 160GB FAT32 drive, where as FAT32 can only support 34GB drives, this is why western Digital have a download on the site for a Formatting tool, which can format the 160GB capacity to FAT32.


  • Why use FAT32 to format it? *nix filesystems won't do? I use linux, windows, ext2 for my external HDD and the ext2 driver for windows. Just works.

    By Anonymous Evert Mouw, at 5:01 pm  

  • lol, it came with FAT32, as default, I also use my PocketPC device to access it, if there is a PocketPC ext2 driver I'd use ext2 although I personally prefer ResierFS

    By Blogger Andrew Youll, at 5:23 pm  

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