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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Sprouts Blegh!

Now for a random in-explicable post... okay all of my posts are random and in-explicable but thats beside the point, when god created the world in 7 days he forgot to make some of the cabbages properly and the nasty Sprout was born from this case of forgetfulness.

The Sprout... a small green blob of nastiness, resembling the humble cabbage but just like a car miniture it never has the same appeal as the original... also Sprouts taste foul....

Oh yeah don't turn this into a "God doesnt exist" thing... well who ever created sprouts wants a kick up the arse and wants to try one.

note: yes I know sprouts evolved over many millions of years, but I can't blame evolution, so its better to blame a higher being of some sort


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